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BioOrganics Reference Standards

BioOrganics is a leading supplier of Reference Standards for a variety of applications in Life Sciences. Reference standard is a substance prepared for use as the standard in an assay, identification, or purity test. Reference standards are one of the key factors for consistently good quality of pharmaceutical products and commonly defined as a "highly purified compound“ and well characterized.

We assure that our reference standards meets compliance requirements and establish the quality benchmark against which you compare your results.

Stable Isotope labelled Product

BioOrganics is a leading supplier Custom Stable Isotope Labeled (SIL) Compounds for a variety of applications in Life Sciences. Stable isotope internal standards are a valuable resource for minimizing measurement uncertainty. SIL internal standards have distinct advantages. SIL internal standards are the first choice for quantitative bioanalytical LC/MS assays, as they generally produce better results. SIL internal standards are useful in many aspects of validation experiments for different analytical methods, as well as for regular analysis.


BioOrganics is a leading supplier of specialty research chemicals to customers who need a specific impurity standard which is not available in our catalogue range as it is a unique product. We provide all types of impurity standards. These include ordinary pharmacopoeial impurities to Complex impurities – with the desired purity and characterization, in batch scales from milligrams.

The impurities in pharmaceuticals are unwanted chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or develop during formulation. The control of impurities is an important task pharmaceutical impurity as per the regulatory norms.

Metabolites & Glucuronides

Bio Organics is a leading supplier of Metabolites for a variety of applications in Life Sciences.
Metabolites and Glucuronides are the intermediate products of metabolic reactions.

Drugs can be metabolized by oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis, hydration, conjugation, condensation, or isomerization.

The Metabolites and Glucuronides are synthesized using the literature protocols. We offer custom synthesis of Metabolites as per the requirement of the customer.

Vitamins & Fatty acids

We provide a comprehensive range of research grade Vitamins and Fatty acids for use as analytical standards and reagents to customers all over the world.

Vitamins are organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition. The importance of vitamins as drugs is primarily in the prevention and treatment of deficiency diseases. Fatty acids are widely used as inactive ingredients (excipients) in drug preparations, and the use of lipid formulations as the carriers for active substances is growing rapidly.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical Intermediates have been our focus to enable researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to complete their target on time.

An intermediate is a substance formed during a middle step of a chemical reaction between reactants and the desired product. Intermediates tend to be extremely reactive and short-lived, so they represent a low concentration in a chemical reaction compared with the amount of reactants or products.

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