BioOrganics & Applied Materials

BioOrganics and Applied Materials Pvt. Ltd. strives to be a world leader in the field of Organic Chemistry by employing the tools of Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry including the synthesis of deuterium labelled organic compounds and to ensure that products and services exceed the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, delivery schedules and value.
Is to provide superior quality and services in custom synthesis, contract research and specialty organic chemicals.
3 core Values listed.

Work process

BioOrganics is an independent service company specializing in the customer synthesis of complex organic chemicals for biomedical and pharmaceutical research. We supply products worldwide to a client base that includes major biotechnology corporations, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies, contract research organizations, manufacturers of specialty chemicals, as well as to researchers at hospitals, universities and other research institutions.

At BioOrganics, we deliver not only compounds but also reliable, high quality and cost-effective organic synthesis services. Our customers expect rapid turnaround times on both the quotes and the delivery of the product. As a general rule, we respond to new inquiries within forty-eight hours after the initial screening of literatures if the material is not in stock. Once a project is underway, we provide each customer with a regular updates on the status of the synthesis project. This facilitates synchronized feedback from customers. We listen carefully to the concerns and needs of customers, and address each promptly and efficiently.

The BioOrganics Strategy

We value our diversity-that of our products, technologies, markets and people-and believe that diverse perspectives combined with shared goals inspire new ideas and better ways of addressing changing health needs. We strive to earn the trust of those we serve by committing to the highest standards of quality, excellence in personal relationships, and behavior characterized by honesty, fairness and integrity.

We sustain success-for our business and the people we serve-by staying true to key tenets upon which our company was founded: innovative care and a desire to make a meaningful difference in all that we do. We are focused on returning to growth through science-led innovation.

The BioOrganics Promise

Custom Synthesis
Specialized in providing high quality bio-chemicals in custom pack sizes to satisfy any quantity required.
On-Time Delivery
Distribute to companies worldwide, usually via Federal Express. We also offer alternative carrier options to meet worldwide delivery and special import requirements.
Superior Service
A dedicated professional customer service team positioned to ensure customer satisfaction and technical support.

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Uday Maitra
Professor Uday Maitra, from the renowned Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, is a member of the Editorial Board of the Asian Journal of Orgnaic Chemistry. A well respected authority in the field, he holds a PhD from Columbia University before a postdoctoral stint at the University of California, Burkeley.
Professor Veejendra K Yadav
Professor Veejendra K Yadav from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur has over 79 publications in the field along with 3 patents. With over 25 years of experience in the field, he is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences (FASc).
Dr. R. Uma Shaankar
Dr. R. Uma Shaankar is a professor at the GKVK Campus of the University of Agricultural Sciences in the Department of Crop Physiology. His research interests include Bioprospecting and Bioconservation.
Dr. K. M. Mahadevan
Dr. K. M. Mahadevan serves as the Director of the P.G. Centre of Kuvempu University at Kadur. A professor at the Department of P.G. Studies in Chemistry, he has over 7 books in the field.
Dr. S. Anand Kumar
Dr. S. Anand Kumar serves on the Non Executive Board for Gangagen Biotechnologies. Before this, he was Director, Research and Development at Astra Zeneca in Bangalore for close to 20 years.

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